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Iwatani Outdoor Butane Cassette Gas (CB-250-ML)

This is a liquefied butane that contains 95% of butane and 5% of propane. With over 90 years of professional experience in the production of gas and produced under the...

Iwatani Tatsujin Slim III Stove Gold Color (CB-SS-50)

Highlight:• Easy to handle: Thin type body,74mm, Lightweight• Useless firepower and suppress fuel by adopted vertical burner.• Easy to Body cleaning because Using high performance fluorine coat.• Burning time 70...

Iwatani Tafumaru Outdoor Gas Stove (CB-ODX-1-BK)

A tough stove that can be used outdoors without worrying about the wind: Equipped with a patent-registered (Patent No. 5179447) double windshield unit that allows air to pass through but...

Iwatani Plastic Hard Casing For Tatsujin (CB-TSL-CASE)

Specifications:• Brand: Iwatani• Dimension :  37.5 cm x 35.4 cmx 10.5 cm• Weight : 1.1 kg• Material : HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)• Country of Manufacture: Japan   Fast shipping from...

Iwatani Tough Maru Stove Olive Color (CB-ODX-1-OL)

The TOUGH MARU outdoor stove. This brawny model features enamel-coated steel construction in a durable one-piece rectangular design. Magnetic locking secures the gas cartridge, while the cooking flame is protected...

Iwatani Tough Maru JR Stove Olive Color (CB-ODX-JR)

After Iwatani launched the all-black TOUGH MARU outdoor LPG stove to great acclaim, they launched a new mini version of TOUGH MARU Jr. The mini version is 60% smaller than...