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12 inch rod length honing rod
Super fine cut rod used for very fine edge sharpening (polishing)
Only can be used for an already sharpen knife
Highly effective for fast result
This black steel will not rust! Guaranteed!
Cambrian brand is the primary choice among professional butcher
Original product made in New Zealand
Satisfaction guaranteed
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All steels are coated not for their effectiveness but to make them resistant to corrosion in the workplace. Traditional methods of protection are chrome plating where the steel is placed in a chrome solution in a bath being electrically charged and the chrome adheres to the previously hardened steel applying a thin coat. The coat itself is not hard and wears off over time, it also fills the scratches making the steel less sharp.
Black steels are treated differently to obtain corrosion resistance. The steel is heated in a nitrite rich atmosphere changing the structure of the steel surface. This process not only provides excellent corrosion resistance but also hardens the steel in the same process. Unlike traditional steels that are hardened completely through the steel the black process only hardens the outside. As a result, the steel is sharper, as there is no filling of the scratches, but also more resistant to corrosion as the protective coating does not wear off.
The customer will notice that not only the steel is sharper than its equivalent coated cut, but will also last much longer
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