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Cold Steel

Overall length: 9 inch
Blade length: 5 inch
Blade type: Clip point
Blade material: German 4116 stainless steel Cryo Quenched
Blade thickness: 2.5 mm
Handle: Black Polypropylene
Weight: 79 gram
Sheath: Black Secure-Ex belt clip sheath with fire striker
Original Cold Steel product, made in Taiwan

Cold Steel is proud to bring a new economical hollow handle survival knife to market - the Survival Edge! After many years of experimentation with super-tough plastics and injection molding processes, we have created a super-strong survival blade that’s as light as a feather! With a durable sub-zero cryo-quenched German 4116 Stainless Steel clip point blade that is a full 1" wide and 5" long, it’s versatile enough to meet the demands of almost any survival situation.The hollow handle is made from the highest-grade Polypropylene available, and has an integral double quillon guard that serves to protect the fingers as well as making it possible to lash the handle to a stick to make an improvised spear. Plus, a twist of the waterproof cap reveals a large hollow handle that accommodates a generous survival kit! The Survival Kit comprises of:

2 Safety Pins
6 Fish Hooks
6 Lead Sinkers
Brass Wire
60 ft. of Fishing Line
Sewing Kit
Ceramic Sharpening Rod

Finally, the Survival Edge comes complete with a weatherproof and super-light Secure-Ex sheath, and high-grade Ferrocerium fire steel.