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Since the width of the cradle can be adjusted according to the size of the burner, various burners such as one burner and two burners can be used. You can freely adjust the angle according to the installation space and range of movement, and it is compatible with multiple tables, so you can produce various ways. The burner stand can be used independently and can be used by hanging a 2-way multi-basket when the burner is not used. It is a burner stand that can be easily installed anytime, anywhere with a practical prefabricated structure and is easy to carry with light weight.


Cautions for before use (common):
• Avoid use in locations with faults and on vulnerable ground.
• Do not stand on top or use as a support.
• Do not use more than the internal load of this product.
• Be careful not to focus your shock or load on one spot.
• Be careful not to get caught in your fingers or hands during assembly, storage, etc. In • particular, do not assemble or store children.
• Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or use in rain.
• It's not a cut-off material, so stay away from fire.
When stored after use, the contaminated part must be cleaned and collected for longer life.



• Brand: KZM
• Size : Upon installation : 61x60x(h)60cm 
• Storage Size : 62x15x(h)9cm
• Weight : 1.3Kg
• Component : Stand, Carry bag
• Material : Aluminum, Wood


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