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Sku: 6.8523.17B
Product Type: kitchen knife
Vendor: Victorinox
  • Blade length 17 cm
  • Very sharp knife can cut easily & smoothly
  • Ergonomic & comfortable handle
  • Special attractive color
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Switzerland by Victorinox
  • Original product
  • Box dimensions: 10 cm x 5 cm x 48 cm

The Santoku Knife is the Japanese take on the general-purpose kitchen knife. It excels at slicing, dicing and mincing; but its biggest talent is being multitalented – and its true specialty is doing everything well. Thanks to its special shape, low weight and excellent balance, you'll find the Santoku to be a true all-rounder that's a joy to use day in and day out.