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BioLite PowerLight (3in1) - 200Lumen Lantern, 250 Lumen Torch & USB Power Bank - (4400mAh)

Product HighlightsUltimate portability with maximum functionality: charge and light with a device that fits in your pocket. The anchor to the PowerLight Bundle. Warm, powerful lighting meets portable off-grid charging...

Fenix ARB-L14-1600U Li-Ion AA Rechargeable Battery - 1600mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Description The ARB-L14-1600U can be used as AA batteries and can be charged by its own USB port. A protective circuit is built into the anode and covered with a...

Fenix E05 LED Flashlight - 85 Lumens Black Color (BATTERY INCLUDED)

Description If you need a small, yet versatile, light to be your constant sidekick, the E05 is our recommended go-to for your lighting needs. Pumping out up to 85 lumens...

Fenix E05 LED Flashlight - 85 Lumens Blue Color (BATTERY INCLUDED)

Description If you need a small, yet versatile, light to be your constant sidekick, the E05 is our recommended go-to for your lighting needs. Pumping out up to 85 lumens...

Fenix E16 XP-L Hi Neutral White Led Flashlight - Max 700 Lumens Ultra Compact EDC Flashlight (BATTERY NOT INCLUDED)

The E16 flashlight is designed with the extreme compact, EDC in mind and is only 2 inches in length with a 0.7 inch round body. This flashlight is powered by...

Fenix E20 V2.0 EDC Flashlight - 350 Lumens

The Fenix E20 V2.0 AA flashlight has been upgraded to be brighter and better than its predecessor. Powered by the included AA batteries. It has a maximum output of 350...

Fenix E30R Luminus SST40 Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 1600 Lumen (BATTERY INCLUDED)

Description The Fenix E30R rechargeable flashlight is a hi-performance flashlight in a compact, everyday carry design. Less than 4″ long, this flashlight can blast a maximum 1600 lumens a distance...

Fenix E35UE Ultimate Edition 2016 XM-L2 U2 - 1000 Lumens Powerful LED Flashlight Waterproof IPX-8 Black (BATTERY NOT INCLUDED)

The 2016 Edition of the Fenix E35UE packs a big punch. Only measuring 4.8 inches and 1000 Lumens, this light will quickly be on your favorite flashlight list. Designed with...


Fenix LD12 flashlight updated edition brings more power in an even more compact size. This redesigned compact flashlight can now conveniently use standard AA batteries and rechargeable 14500 Li-ion batteries. It’s...

Fenix LD15R XP-G3 USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight Black Color (BATTERY INCLUDED)

The Fenix LD15R rechargeable flashlight is a compact, hands-free light source that utilizes a right-angle head—perfect for those that need forward facing 90 degree wide angle light for high and...

Fenix LD22 Outdoor Flashlight 2AA Battery - 300 Lumens Zoomable LED Flashlight (BATTERY INCLUDED)

Description Still in compact size, the upgraded Fenix LD22 receives new operation features and a higher output of 300 lumens while still using simply two AA batteries. Four brightness levels...

Fenix LD30 Ultra Compact Flashlight - 1600 Lumen (BATTERY INCLUDED)

Fenix LD30 Ultra Compact Flashlight - 1600 Lumen

Fenix LD42 Rotary Switch Flashlight AA Batteries - 1000 Lumens (BATTERY INCLUDED)

Description LD42, 4 AA High-output flashlight with Mechanical rotary switch 1000 lumens maximum output. Outstanding long-range beam which is able to locate the target from distance - a big help...

Fenix PD32 XP-L Hi LED 2016 Edition - 900 Lumens High-Performance Flashlight (BATTERY NOT INCLUDED)

Description: If you are not sure what to take to light up your way, then choose Fenix PD32. It is the comprehensive integration of exquisite body size and high performance...

Fenix PD35 V2.0 XP-L Hi V3 LED Flashlight - 1000 Lumens Outdoor LED Torchlight Flashlight (BATTER NOT INCLUDED)

Description PD35 V2.0 is a handy and delicate flashlight. Fitted with Cree XP-L HI V3 LED, it delivers a max output of 1000 lumens and a far-reaching distance of 250...

Fenix PD35TAC Flashlight - Max 1000 Lumens LED Flashlight (BATTERY NOT INCLUDED)

Description: The Fenix PD35 TAC (Tactical Edition), remains in pocket-size but in higher performance and focuses on tactical employment. Measured at less than 14cm long, it features up to 1000-lumen...