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Heroclip® - Medium Forest Green Gear Clip

The perfect size for hanging bulky & heavy stuff, our biggest clip supports up to 272 grams. SpecificationDimension: 3 (Wide) 3.75 high (Closed) 7.25 (Tall when expended)Weight: 56 gramMaterial: Solid...

Heroclip® - Mini Sea Grass Gear Clip

Heroclip's littlest & lightest clip is 40% smaller than Medium. Perfect for hanging up toiletry kits, hitching lanterns to branches or lightweight gear to fences. SpecificationDimension: 1.8 (Wide) 2.25 (Closed)...

Heroclip® - Small Forest Green Gear Clip

Heroclip's Small sized 20% smaller than Medium, this clip hangs all the things you carry every day—  bags, water bottles, tools & more. SpecificationDimension: 2.4 (Wide) 3 high (Closed) 5.6...