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Kovea 2 Way Adapter for Screw Gas Connection - KA-2105

HighlightsThe Kovea 2 Way Adapter features a single Lindal Valve input and acts as a splitter to create two separate outputs. This 2 Way Adapter's two Lindal Valve outputs rest...

Kovea 450g Camping Gas (Screw Type) - KGF-450

* ONLY DELEVERY TO PANISULAR MALAYSIA ONLY! HighlightsThe Kovea Screw Type Camping Gas 450g features high performance, minimal consumption and provides a high efficiency through the use of mixture of...

Kovea Camp-5 Camping Gas Stove (Hose) - KB-1006

HighlightsThe Kovea Camp-5 flame is highly efficient and is concentrated in the center. This Camp-5 stove prevents liquefaction by using copper pipes. Pot supporter and legs move simultaneously and comfortably...

Kovea Exploration Camping Gas Stove (Hose)- KB-N9602-1

HighlightsThe Kovea Exploration pot supports are connected via an ingenious gearing system which allows them to (un)fold simultaneously.The method of assembly for the gas valve and fuel tank is simple...

Kovea LPG Adaptor (Screw Converter) - VA-AD-0701

HighlightsThe Kovea LPG Adaptor convert screw-type male nozzles to 450g propane gas canister or 3 kg camping LPG gas canister. This LPG adapter allows bigger propane canisters to be used...

Kovea Observer Gas Lantern (35 Lux)- KL-103 (GAS NOT INCLUDED)

HighlightsThe Kovea Observer Lantern features excellent brightness. It uses a normal screw camping gas canister. This lantern is useful for the professional backpacker and camper. The lighting mantle gives better...

Kovea P-Adapter for Piercing Type Gas Cartridge - KA-1004

HighlightsThe Kovea P-Adapter allows you to use pierce-type butane gas canisters (do not have a valve) with KOVEA's standard screw thread camping stoves and lanterns.Description Allows the use of pierce-type butane...

Kovea Solo Lite Cookware Outdoor Set for 1-2 Persons - KCS-SL12

Highlights The Solo Lite  is a hard anodizing cookware set made of high grade aluminum. The pot’s lid can be used as a frying pan. Description Material: AluminiumDimensions: 15 × 15...