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Spyderco Tri-Angle Stones Diamond Rod

These accessory diamond-impregnated steel triangles fit your Tri-Angle Sharpmaker base and are ideal for re-profiling edges, putting edges on exceptionally dull knives, and sharpening ultra-hard blade steels. Sold as a...

F. Herder 7 Inch P.U. Leather Sheath With Belt Loop For Classic Design Knife (8159R18,00)

Suitable for F. Herder Fork Brand 7 Inch Classic Design Knife (8159R18,00)   Material: P.U. Leather Overall length: 31 cm Weight: 71 gram   Fast shipping from a trusted seller!...

Real Steel - Japanese Mini Whetstone 8000 Grit

The Real Steel Whetstone is a super bang for your buck Japanese waterstone featuring 8000 grit sharpening surface. This high quality and durable whetstone brings life back into a cutting...

Spyderco Bench Stone Fine Grit with Non-Skid Rubber Feet

Made from ultra-hard alumina ceramic material, Spyderco's fine-grit benchstone is used like a traditional sharpening stone, but does not require oil or water. Its broad, flat surface is ideal for...