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Kitchen Knives & ToolsKnife Sharpener

Green Rouge Compound for Stropping

Use this compound for polishing, lapping, stropping and honing Compound size - 6 cm X 1.8 cm X 1.7 cm To make your knif.erazor sharp Use with leather strop Super...
Kitchen Knives & ToolsKnife Sharpener

Morakniv Diamond Sharpener L - Fine

Morakniv Diamond Sharpener L - Fine Take good care of your knife and it will keep even longer. A diamond sharpener is small and easy to bring along, and your...
Kitchen Knives & ToolsKnife Sharpener

Smith's Machete and Axe Sharpener, pull through sharpener

Quickly sharpens a dull axe, hatchet, or machete with just a few easy pullsDurable, plastic head for easier sharpeningOversized handle allows for use with glovesLarge safety guardCleaning brush with wire...
DMTKitchen Knives & Tools

DMT Double Sided Diafold

Fine grit on one side, coarse on the other. Diamond whetstone. 4 3/8" x 7/8" sharpening surfaces. Clear folding handle doubles as sheath
Kitchen Knives & ToolsKnife Sharpener

Sharpal 6-in-1 Knife Sharpener and Survival Tools

Sharpal 6-in-1sharpener and survival toolsCompact and lightweight designDimensions: 4.125 x 1.5Weight 71 gramTungsten carbide sharpener for quick edge setting.Ceramic sharpener for fine honing.Tapered diamond rod with grooves for serrations, guthooks,...
Kitchen Knives & ToolsKnife Sharpener

Rough Rider Pocket Sharpener

4 1/2" overall. 3" tapered sharpening rod with black composition handle. 360 grit. Molded black storage cap with integrated black finish metal pocket clip. Diamond crystals sharpen serrated knives, fillet...