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KnafsStock Clearance and Payday Sale EDC

Knafs Lander G-10 Scales - Neutral

Change your scales. Change your life. Or something inspiring like that. The Lander knife has Fast Swap scales that you can change without disassembling the whole knife. Swap them with...
KnafsStock Clearance and Payday Sale EDC

Knafs Vero Engineering Knife Poster - Impulse Mini

Props in product photos are not included. The Vero Engineering Knife Poster is a flat-lay, disassembled view of the Impulse Mini. It's the type of wall art that stops you...
FenixLight Accessories

Fenix AOD-L White Diffuser Tip

Can soften the light and work as a camping light, signal light, reading light, tent light, etc. Suitable for flashlights with a 63mm diameter, such as Fnix TK40, TK41 and...