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Camcon - Sniper Face Veil Scarf (Olive Drab)

Material: 100% cotton (netting retains heat in the cold and absorbs sweat in hot conditions when worn around the neck. Use over the face for concealment)Measurement: 48 inchx 40 inch....
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Benchmade Exotac FireRod XL Portable Fire Starter (50023)

 Benchmade has partnered with Exotac, the leader in high-quality fire tools, to create the perfect ferro rod. Built tough and designed to fit the ferro rod loop on the 162...
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BIGIDESIGN Ti Damascus Pocket Clip For Full Size Bolt Action Pen

These titanium damascus pen clips are perfect for making your Big Idea Design pen uniquely yours. Every clip is polished and torched by hand, every piece has it's unique pattern...
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Vault Case - Vault Nano Knife Case Black Color ( Carbon Fiber Surface)

The Nano can comfortably fit 4 standard-size folders or two large folders (one on each panel).  The loops have a staggeringly large and small layout using three large straps at...