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AccuSharp 3 Stone Precision Knife Sharpening Kit

The AccuSharp® 3-Stone Kit is equipped with six angle guides and three sharpening options to keep your knife’s edge razor sharp with fine, medium, and coarse alumina-oxide stones. Angle guide...

AccuSharp 5 Stone Precision Knife Sharpening Kit

The AccuSharp® Precision Sharpening Kit allows you to manually sharpen your knives at a consistent, exact, fixed angle. This kit provides precision sharpening designed to maintain accurate results for your...

AccuSharp Deluxe Tri-Stone Knife Sharpening System - Deluxe Version

The AccuSharp DELUXE Tri-Stone Knife Sharpening System, featuring a course diamond-coated steel, allowing you to easily sharpen and hone any straight-edge blade with ease. AccuSharp’s three stone surfaces include coarse diamond,...

AccuSharp Diamond 2-Step Knife Sharpener Compact Design

The AccuSharp Diamond Pro 2-Step Sharpener is the compact solution for sharpening and honing your blades. This is the tool you need to keep your blades in peak cutting form.The...

AccuSharp Knife Sharpener (Dark Green)

Green handle. Works on knives, axes, hoes and serrated edges. Uses no oils or stones. Tungsten carbide sharpener will not rust and can be cleaned in dishwasher. Full length safety...

AccuSharp Knife Sharpener (Orange)

Measures approximately 6" overall. Blaze Orange composition housing with large ambidextrous handle. Sharpening blades are Diamond Honed Tungsten Carbide and provide years of reliable use. Uses no oils or stones....

AccuSharp Knife Sharpener (White)

White handle. Comes in multi-language packaging. Works on knives, axes, hoes and serrated edges. Uses no oils or stones. Tungsten carbide sharpener will not rust and can be cleaned in...

AccuSharp PRO Pull Through Knife and Tool Sharpener

The AccuSharp® PRO Knife and Tool Sharpener sharpens knives (even serrated knives), cleavers, axes, machetes, and many other cutting tools in about 10 seconds. The large ergonomic handle is made of...

AccuSharp ShearSharp Scissor Sharpener

ShearSharp is an amazing device designed to take the mystery out of sharpening your general purpose scissors, hedge clippers and tin snips. The large ergonomic handle fits either hand safely...

Benchmade Guided Field Sharpener 100604F

The Guided Field Sharpener is a compact knife and tool sharpener designed for use in the field. Built-in 20 degree angle guides ensure a consistent bevel angle across the entire...

Cambrian 12 Inch MEDIUM CUT Honing Rod/Sharpening Steel

Cambrian brand is made by a company that specialized in producing high quality honing rodWidely used by professinal butcher in Australia and New ZealandVery efficient with faster result compared to other...

Cambrian 14 inch Honing Rod / Sharpening Steel Medium Cut

Rod length is 14 inch - very rare modelSuitable for knife blade of 10-12 inch longThis MEDIUM CUT rod is suitable to align medium size dent on the knife edgeMEDIUM...

F. Herder (Solingen Spade Brand) HONING ROD 31 CM (1133-31,00)

31 cm (about 12 inch) stainless steel rodTotal length (rod + handle) 44.5 cm (about 17 inch)Orignal F. Herder (Spade Brand) productEstablished knife maker since 1727Made in the reputable knife city of...

Greeen Rouge Compound for Stropping

Use this compound for polishing, lapping, stropping and honing Compound size - 6 cm X 1.8 cm X 1.7 cm To make your knif.erazor sharp Use with leather strop Super...

Holder for Honing Rod (Honing Rod and Belt Not Included)

Holder for Honing Rod (Honing Rod and Belt Not Included)

KING 1200 Grit Whetstone / Sharpening Stone Japan

1200 Grit whetstone suitable to sharpen a slightly dull bladeStone size: - 207 x 66 x 34 mmWeight: 933 gramBefore use, please soak in water for about 5 minutesVery effective...