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Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Folding Knife C28PBK2

Brand: SpydercoModel: Dragonfly 2Product code number: C28PBK2Blade material: VG-10Blade length: 2.25 inchOverall length: 5.56 inchClosed length: 3.31 inchBlade thickness: 2.5 mmHandle material: FRN (high-strength plastic)Weight: 34 gramOther features: Full-flat grind,...

Spyderco Lil' Native Compression CPM-S30v Black Plain Blade, G10 Handle (SC230GPBBK)

Blade Style: Drop pointBlade length: 2.42 inchOverall length: 5.89 inchBlade thickness: 0.125 inchBlade material: CPM S30VLocking mechanism: Compression LockOpener: Thumb holeHandle material: G-10Pocket clip position: Tip-up, Right/Left carryWeight: 68g Box...
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Spyderco Para 3 Pink FRN Lightweight with Black Blade Compression Lock (SC223PPNBK)

Descriptions:  Blade Length: 2.92 inchClosed Length: 4.29 inchOverall Length: 7.21 inchBlade Thickness: 3.7 mmBlade Material: CTS-BD1N Stainless SteelBlade Style: Clip PointBlade Grind: Full-FlatBlade Finish: Black DLCHandle Material: Pink FRN (high-strength...
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Spyderco Shaman Black G10 Handle With Black Blade Folding Knife (C229GPBK)

Blade length: 3.58 Inch (91mm)Overall length: 8.25 Inch (210mm)Closed length: 4.093 Inch (104mm)Blade thickness: 3.7 mmBlade material: CPM S30VCarbon/stainless steel: Stainless steelBlade finishing: Black CoatingGrind: Full-FlatLocking mechanism: CompressionFrame/liner material: Stainless...
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Spyderco Shaman Compression Lock Black Handle With CPM-S30V steel (C229GP)

Brand: SpydercoModel: Shaman PinModel number: C229GPBlade shape: Drop PointBlade length: 3.58 InchOverall length: 8.00 InchClosed length: 4.67 InchBlade thickness: 3.7mmBlade material: CPM-S30VCarbon/stainless steel: Stainless steelBlade finishing: StonewashGrind type: Full-flat Locking mechanism:...
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Spyderco Spydie Chef R.I.L Lock With Titanium Handle Folding Knife (C211TIP)

Blade length: 3.32 (84mm)Overall length: 7.78 (198mm)Closed length: 4.46 (113mm)Blade thickness: 3.0 mmBlade material: LC200NCarbon/stainless steel: Stainless steelBlade finishing: SatinGrind: Full-FlatLocking mechanism: R.I.LFrame/liner material: Stainless SteelOpener: Thumb HoleHandle material: G10 Pocket...
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Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker Knife Sharpening System (SC204)

The key to sharpening any cutting tool is removing the steel at the edge while maintaining a consistent angle between the blade and the stone. Spyderco’s Tri-Angle Sharpmaker takes the...
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Spyderco Lil Native Compression Satin Wharncliffe Blade with G10 Blade Handle (C230GPWC)

Features:• Satin-finished Wharncliffe blade with a plain edge.• Thumb hole opener with bronze washer pivot.• Black G-10 handle scales.• Spyderco's patented Compression Lock mechanism.• Reversible deep-carry, tip-up pocket clipSpecifications:• Blade Length: 2.47 inch• Closed Length:...
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Spyderco Lil' Native Compression Lock with Black G10 Handle (C230GP)

Blade Length: 2.47 inch (63 mm)Cutting Edge: 2.10 inch (53 mm)Closed Length: 3.47 inch (88 mm)Overall Length: 5.94 inch (63 mm)Blade Material: CPM-S30V Stainless SteelBlade Thickness: 0.125 inch (3.7 mm)Blade...
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Spyderco Manix 2 G10 Handle With Ball Bearing Lock

Blade Length: 3.38 InchOverall Length: 8.04 InchClosed Length: 4.63 InchBlade Thickness: 3 mmBlade Material: CPM S30VCarbon/stainless steel: Stainless steelBlade Finishing: SatinGrind Type: FlatLocking mechanism:  Ball BearingFrame/liner material: Stainless SteelOpener: Thumb...
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Spyderco McBee Framelock with Titanium Handle Folding Knife

Blade Shape: WharncliffeEdge Type: PlainBlade Length: 1.52 InchOverall Length: 3.85 InchClosed Length: 2.33 InchBlade Thickness: 3.0 mmBlade Material: CTS XHPCarbon/stainless steel: Stainless steelGrind type: SaberLocking Type: R.I.LOpener: Thumb HoleHandle material:...
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Spyderco Para 3 Black Blade G10 Handle With Compression Lock

Blade length: 3.37 InchOverall length: 8.03 InchClosed length:  4.66 InchBlade thickness: 3.0 mmBlade material: CPM S45VNCarbon/stainless steel: Stainless steelGrind type: FlatLocking mechanism: Ball BearingOpener: Thumb HoleHandle material: G-10Pocket clip position:...
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Spyderco Para 3 Blue FRN Lightweight Folding Knife

Blade shape: Drop PointBlade length: 2.92 (74mm)Overall length: 7.21 (183mm)Blade thickness: 3.7 mmBlade material: CPM SPY27Locking mechanism: CompressionOpener: Thumb HoleHandle material: FRNPocket clip position: AmbiWeight: 96 gramOriginal product by Spyderco...
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Spyderco Para 3 G-10 Black Handle Folding Knife C223GP

Brand: SpydercoModel: Para 3 G-10Product code number: C223GPBlade material: CPM-S45VN Stainless SteelLock type: CompressionBlade length: 75 mm (2.95 inch)Overall length: 184 mmClosed length: 109 mmBlade thickness: 3.8 mmHandle material: G-10Weight:...
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Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight Black Blade Compression Lock Folding Knife C223PBBK

Brand: SpydercoModel: Para 3 Black BladeProduct code number: C223PBBKBlade material: CTS BD1NBlade length: 2.92 inchOverall length: 7.21 inchClosed length: 4.29 inchBlade thickness: 3.7 mmHandle material: FRN (high-strength plastic)Weight: 71 gramOther...
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Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight Compression Lock FRN Folding Knife C223PBK

Brand: SpydercoModel: Para 3 Compression Lock FRNProduct code number: C223BKBlade material: CTS-BD1 Stainless SteelBlade hardness: 60-62 HRCBlade finishing: Satin finishBlade length: 3 inchOverall length: 7.21 inchClosed length: 4.29 inchBlade thickness:...